I write novels, primarily sci-fi and fantasy, usually with a romantic sub-plot.

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Completed projects:

YA Fantasy: PETALS AND RUNES (90k)

Winner in 2017 YA RWA Rosemary Contest. Selected for 2016 Pitch to Publication Contest.

When Issa, a young apprentice mage, discovers that an ancient enemy is planning to enslave her kingdom, her only hope is to find and petition the elusive god-like creatures of folklore to protect her people.

Currently querying.


Adult Paranormal Romance: EVE OF THE FAE (68k)

Finalist in 2017 San Francisco Area RWA Heart to Heart Contest.

Real world heroine wants to prove herself worthy enough to inherit her childless aunt and uncle’s ancestral home in the English countryside. Immortal Fae prince takes a job working undercover as a secretary for his enemy’s descendent. Lydbury Estate isn’t big enough for both of them, and an ancient war between the Fae and the Underworld threatens to simmer to a boil just outside the gates.

Currently editing.


In-Progress Projects:

YA Sci-Fi (Space Opera): “SPARKS” (~90% complete)

Take one part Jane Austen and add one part Dune to get a romantic space opera, then add a little bit of The Fifth Element crossed with Jupiter Ascending, and that’s basically what I’m going for here… 

Targeting completion of first draft by end of October 2017.


YA Sci-fi: “AUGMENTED” (~60% complete)

Loosely based on the Snow White and Rose Red fairy tale, this is a story about sisters and a companion novel to “SPARKS” that takes place in the same universe with different characters.

Targeting completion of first draft by April 2018.


YA Sci-fi: “FALLING” (~80% complete)

A little bit adventure, a little bit heist, this is a story about a female resistance fighter who would do anything to rescue her friends, including crossing over to the “dark side.”

Targeting completion of first draft by October 2018.


Adult Sci-Fi Romance: NaNoWriMo 2017 Project (0% complete)

To support NaNoWriMo, please consider a donation via Classy.org


I am always looking for beta readers. If you are interested, please check out the information below and sign-up using this form.

What’s a beta reader?

I think Jenna Moreci does a great job explaining this, so I’ll just leave this here…

What am I looking for?

I’m looking for anyone that is an avid reader of YA fantasy and sci-fi novels (avid = reads more than one per year). Ideally, I would love to find folks who are actually considered to be “young adults” (~15 to 20 years old). However, I’m also interested in older readers who are still fans of YA fiction.

How does it work?

I’m trying to duplicate Jenna’s process. It looks something like this…

  1. I send you a chapter one.
  2. You read the chapter and let me know when you’ve finished.
  3. I ask you questions about what you thought about the chapter.
  4. You reply (as soon as possible after reading).
  5. If you do all of the above, we repeat with chapter two, and so on until you get sick of reading or you get to “the end,” whichever comes first.

Commitment is one chapter at a time. No pressure to continue.

How do I sign-up?

Please use this form to submit your name, age, and email address. I will respond to discuss next steps.


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