Birthday book haul

Check out all the lovely books I got for my birthday!

In case you can’t tell from the picture, I got the Penguin Galaxy special editions of Dune and The Left Hand of Darkness, both books that I’ve read and LOVED (Dune is one of my top five favorite books. The addition of this volume means I now own 2 hardcovers, 1 paperback, and 1 Kindle version of this book). Both have introductions written by Neil Gaimen and just look at them! They’re beautiful! I love them, and now I have an excuse to re-read them. ūüôā

Also by Ursula Le Guin, author of The Left Hand of Darkness and a writer who I admire very much, is the classic writing book Steering the Craft. I’ve always wanted this one and now I have it! Hooray!

I also got the rest of the Saga comic trade volumes because, after reading the first volume, I fell in love with this story and had to have the rest.

I’ve been told by so many people now that Paper Girls (also written by Brian Vaughan) is really good. So, I put that on my wishlist as well and the birthday fairy (Mom) granted my wish.

Plus, just for fun and maybe some additional inspiration on days I’m feeling less than motivated to get my butt to the pool, I got this cute little book called The Joy of Swimming which features a bunch of fun swimming facts and pretty watercolor illustrations.

And, because I can’t resist (look at them! they’re so pretty!) Here’s another shot of the stack…

(Side note: Yes, the printing on the spines of the Penguin Galaxy books is upside down and backwards. I don’t know why. I’m assuming there’s a reason they made it that way? If you know the answer, post it in the comments, please!)

Thanks, Mom!


#BookHaul: First Three Months of 2016

I did say I was going to try to avoid buying books this year and use my library more, instead. But when books I want to read go on sale, I just can’t resist.

Here’s everything I snapped up (all at less than $3 per book) in the first three months of this year:

Book Haul for Q1 2016

  • The Revelation of Louisa May by¬†Michaela MacColl (YA, historical fiction) — Little known fact about me, I dressed up as Louisa May Alcott and did a speech as her (in character) for one of my elementary school spirit days. I can’t remember the theme, but my mom probably does. There’s a picture in a box somewhere to prove it. Long way of saying: of course I had to buy this book.
  • French Concession¬†by Xiao Bai (Adult, mystery/thriller) — Translated from Chinese. This one’s been on my list for a while. I saw “noir” plus “espionage” and “international intrigue” and said yes, please!
  • The Orphan Queen¬†by Jodi Meadows (YA, fantasy) — Several of my writing buddies were¬†raving about this one, and I know they have good taste in books. So I had to grab a copy when it was on sale.
  • The Wrath and the Dawn by Ren√©e Ahdieh (YA fantasy) — I’ve had this¬†one on my “to read” list since before the release date, and the hype is through the roof at this point, but I’m hearing it is well deserved.
  • Winter Fae by Suza Kates (Paranormal Romance) —¬†Now that I just finished writing a novel featuring Fae, I want to see what else is out there.
  • Trade Me by Courtney Milan (Contemporary Romance) — I’ve enjoyed Courtney Milan’s historical romances, and I don’t read much contemporary romance. I thought I’d check this one out.
  • Binti by¬†by Nnedi Okorafor (Fantasy Novella) — I have a bunch of her novels on my TBR, but I heard someone raving about this in a podcast and I decided¬†to check it out.
  • Red Queen by¬†Victoria Aveyard (YA Fantasy) — I’ve heard mixed things about this one, but it was on sale, and the premise interests me.
  • Signal to Noise by¬†Silvia Moreno-Garcia (YA Magical Realism?) —¬†Magical mix tapes and 80s misfits in Mexico? Count me in!
  • The Bollywood Bride by Sonali Dev (Contemporary Romance) — I read her first book and loved it. This one is supposed to be slightly darker, but I don’t think I’ll mind. She’s a fabulous author.
  • Never Never by Brianna Shrum (YA Fantasy) — A Peter Pan re-telling, but I think in this one Captain Hook is the hero… Another little known fact about me: I played Peter Pan in the fifth grade musical.
  • The Winner’s Curse¬†by Marie Rutkoski (YA Fantasy) — Another one where I’ve heard mixed things, but the premise interests me and it was on sale.

Now… I just need more time to read!