#MayIGAuthors Day 5 and 6 plus #FridayReads

I couldn’t think of anything creative to post for the “Cinco de Mayo” task because I was too busy devouring A Court of Mist and Fury. So I posted this to Instagram yesterday:


Then I saw that today’s theme was “book set in Spring” and I immediately thought, Spring Court, duh:


Yeah, fine, I’m a bit obsessed at the moment. But can you blame me? I finished ACoMaF today and I loved it. You may remember that I had some mixed feelings about ACoTaR, but now everything is clear. I get it. It’s like how the first three Throne of Glass books build into the awesomeness that is Queen of Shadows. Except this time I only had to wait for book 2 to get the payoff I wanted. Character growth, FTW! No spoilers, just *squeeeeee*!